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With an ageing population the need for people to borrow money into their retirement and beyond has never been as important. Whatever the reason, Belvide Finance can help you as we are experienced and qualified in this area and offer a truly independent face to face advice process. This includes

  • Lifetime mortgages (including interest servicing)

  • Mortgages into retirement

We will look into your circumstances and recommend the most suitable mortgage for you.







We are members of the Equity Release Council (formerly SHIP - Safe Home Income Plans) and we adhere to the principles set by them and comply with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA’s) rules governing the sale of equity release products.  These rules include the requirement that all customers who buy equity release plans are fully advised by a qualified adviser.

Equity release will reduce the value of your estate, meaning it will affect the amount of inheritance that you’re able to leave. We recommend discussing this with your family members before going ahead, and actively invite them to join you at your appointments, should you so wish.​

This may be a lifetime mortgage. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration



Interest only Mortgage, Secured and unsecured lending

Over the next few years there are numerous mortgages which were set up on an interest only basis coming to the end of their terms where the lender will want their money back. Many people took out endowment policies to repay these mortgages and due to the investment not performing well or the policy being cancelled, many people are going to find they have a shortfall or nothing to repay their mortgages at a time when they should be looking to retire or at least slow down in their working life.

People have also taken out credit cards and further loans which will continue when they eventually retire or slow down. This means a drop in disposable income and many will find it difficult to be able to afford their outgoings.

This can cause untold stress and pressure at a time when you just don't need this.

There are now options available to you which can be used to take away this stress and worry.


As a specialist in later life lending we can possibly help you and take away the stress and worry that this situation may cause. 

Please click on the get in touch button and we will contact you and have an informal chat at a time convenient to you


Helping loved ones when they need it

You have lived in your property for the majority of your adult life, brought up your children and in some cases looked after grand children. You repaid your mortgage some time ago and you have an income that allows you to do all the things you want to in your retirement. The one thing that you haven't got is a lump sum of money to maybe assist your children in a deposit for their house, or help grandchildren through university. 

Whatever the reason, we can normally find a suitable solution to this issue and give that loved one the assistance they need now. 

"A gift with a warm hand is better than one with a cold hand"


Struggling to make ends meet now you have retired

You have retired and you are now receiving your pension, but the amount you are receiving is not enough for you to live on and you are struggling financially to make ends meet!

You repaid your mortgage prior to retirement and don't really want to move as the property you are in is the family home and all your friends and social life seem connected to your home.

There may be a way where we can release some monies from your property to subsidize your income as and when you need it.


Round the world cruise or a dream car

You have always dreamed of that world cruise or buying that dream car. Now you have retired and have the time to do this you are struggling to get the funds to make your dreams a reality.

There may be a way that we can help. Click the Get in Touch button to find out more

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